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-- [Soooo gen; G]
Title: --
Author: the_lady_lamb
Genre: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Sub-genre: Gen afuckingain
Summary: The literal is as dangerous as Hibari Kyouya, who is as dangerous ten years later as he ever was.
Rated: PG for Hibari.
Author's Notes: I was going to submit this late for the Week 2 challenge at khr100 but then I wrote something decent instead. So this will probably never see the light of day. Oh well. This is mostly me trying unsuccessfully to provoke my nonexistent Hibari muse so that I can write that other drabble out. Fffff.

When Reborn appeared as his tutor not ten years ago, Tsuna was ill-prepared to be a mafia boss, very less deal with a war that stretched across both the seas and the skies he is entitled to by right of flame. Relatively speaking, he has grown; his nose is sharper now, as is his mind. But he is still himself – starkly naïve, and unbelievably normal. And so, for all that Reborn has taught him, he is unprepared for Hibari to be taken, and he is even less prepared for the result of their attempts at retrieval.

Reborn smiles and hefts his gun back into its holster, as unreadable as the day they met. “Hibari-kun is as unpredictable as ever.”

“Hm? I was thinking the word ‘ruthless’, actually…” Dino has his hands tucked in his pockets and his eyes on the back of his former student. His men stand agape and Tsuna barely resists the urge to join them. Gokudera hrumphs, shoving the corpse away with his foot, arms held as rigid as his frown.

“Leave it to that guy to actually bite somebody to death.”

“Like a vampire,” Lambo says, idly.

Perhaps it’s Hibari himself that Tsuna is unprepared for.

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This is so awesome. I'm so glad you're writing KHR. SO GLAD. *covers you in kisses*

-snorts- You really liked this? It seemed way too much like a segment to me. Not complete enough. But I'll write Dino for you again if you want. xD The muse isn't very strong yet.

I'm weird in that I loooooooooove little short drabble and vignettes like this almost more than I do longer fics. Almost. I like imagining the things unsaid, that gets my own creative juices flowing, you know? Or I just have some weird literary ADHD that I can't sit long enough to read something on the internet but give me a 934860234620 page printed book and I'll read it straight through 'til I'm done. *bricked*

I would love more Dino from you if his muse gets more active. But to be honest, I'd love more everyone from you in this series. It seems to me that it's opened different genres to you that Naruto didn't quite do for you.

I honestly think the problem is that I've been into Naruto for too long. More than six years out of eighteen that I've lived. I've dealt in the characters too much - it's really hard for me to get inspired about the series when I genuinely feel like I know more about its cast than its creator...and have better ideas as to where the series should go.

I've needed a new series for a while. So thanks for forcing one on me. xD

*nodsnods* I've been writing for this series since '02/'03, so I understand the burnout, and the craptacular canon lately makes it frustrating, as you say, when you've got better ideas for how to handle it all.

I think that's one of the reasons I've really taken to fresher (younger) fandoms recently myself. Hehehehe, you're welcome, babe. Thanks for not hitting me upside the head as you pushed through the first 61 chapters. <3

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