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A Rank Italian Summer [Gen; G]
Title: A Rank Italian Summer
Author: the_lady_lamb
Genre: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Sub-genre: Gen/Humor?
Summary: Supposedly, competition amongst Guardians is healthy. Tsuna's not entirely convinced. [Fluff oh god.]
Rated: G for...god, a huge lack of anything. I need to spice up my fics. They're clearly not racy enough.
Author's Notes: My actual submission for the second prompt ("forgiveness") at khr100, which apparently only I am participating in? Idk. xD Anyway...uh. No, that's it. Enjoy, I guess? ...oh, no, here's a note: I love Fuuta. Hardcore. I'll be writing him more now. Prepare. B|

The trouble starts the same way, every time – Tsuna thinks that is perhaps the heart of the problem, but Reborn assures him that competition among his Guardians is healthy enough.

“And,” he says, cherubim face cured around the addition, “inevitable, what with Gokudera as your Right Hand. It’s his nature to make a complete mess of things.”

Tsuna groans and sags against his desk face-first.

Fuuta arrives with I-pin and Lambo, back from a chance excursion to the motherland; he is charming and small as always, dwarfed by his book of ratings, and a manor-wide ruckus incites not five minutes after his arrival. Gokudera bursts into the kitchen in a flurry, the demanding to be rated for one thing or another, which instantly spurs a pissing contest of monumental proportions that ends with Hibari beating him into an unrecognizable shape.

Fuuta, ever the equivocal mediator, aligns himself with the Rating Planet and assesses them all, despite Tsuna’s misgivings. He rates past the point of exhaustion, before Tsuna pulls him, wobbling, into Gokudera’s bedroom, where the Storm Guardian is propped to heal in peace, and where Reborn can ask him for ratings of actual pertinence.

Vongola’s power is ranked 13th out of 865 mafias worldwide, and 1st among the 112 mafias based in Italy. Individually, its members are ranked as follows: Gokudera-san’s impulsiveness is ranked 4th out of 86,203 people. Yamamoto-san’s swordsmanship is ranked 9th out of 483,721 people. Lambo-kun’s laziness is rated 30th out of 12,834 people. Sasagawa Ryouhei-san’s extremism is rated 6th out of 98,745 people. Hibari-san’s willfulness is rated 2nd out of 89,476 people. Mukuro-san’s cunning is rated 5th out of 19,873 people. Chrome-chan’s shyness is rated 751st of 605,289 people.

Reborn-san’s aim,” he continues, without prompting, “is rated number 1 out of 567,388 people.

Reborn smirks beguilingly to himself and continues polishing his gun. “And dame-Tsuna, Fuuta-kun?”

Fuuta smiles, eyes a haze of universes beyond their own.

Tsuna-nii is rated number 1 out of 7,896,232 people,” he says, “in his ability to forgive others.

Tsuna rubs the back of his head. A grin splits Gokudera’s face, although it’s rather hard to tell thanks in part to the grotesque swelling thereof.

“Of course!” he crows through his teeth. “The Tenth is the best!”

Reborn continues to polish the barrel of his gun until the black metal gleams in the Italian summer sunlight.

“There are worse things,” he begrudges.

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This is really sweet :)

Thank youuu~ I'm glad you liked it. :3

“And,” he says, cherubim face cured around the addition, “inevitable, what with Gokudera as your Right Hand. It’s his nature to make a complete mess of things.”

Tsuna groans and sags against his desk face-first.

Oh, Gokudera.

I love your fluff. You need to write more of it. :|

Ew no do I have to. I can't even believe I wrote this. WHERE'S THE ACTION. THE DRAMA.


....How about a challenge: write fluffy!action, fluffy!drama, fluffy!porn.


At least write more Gokudera? You capture him so well.

...I thought that was called MinaKu.

Ffffff. Fine. But only because you asked.



Adorable! I love the way you write Fuuta. <3

Thank you! I'll try to do it more often from now on. :3

Wow, love Tsuna's one ^^

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