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this little black lamb.

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  • tothe_slaughter@livejournal.com
よこそ~ Welcome to tothe_slaughter, the icon an fanworks journal of the_lady_lamb. You may have noticed she has a lot more self-esteem than you. But never fear, inhabitants of the internet - she comes humbly bearing only her writing and her icons for you to scrutinize.
the_lady_lamb has another fanworks journal - rosesnotafad - that was officially abandoned in December of 2007. To view some of her older fiction, one can visit there, or - if one wishes to be more obscure/porn-rocked - one can take the time to search through her similarly abandoned personal journal, tsuzukinoai.
This journal has a wide range of fiction within it, but the majority of it can be classified as 「NSFW」: a great variety of yaoi, semi-erotica, and all-around H is due to be cataloged here. Stories contents will range from G to NC-17 in their sexual nature. Those who are uncomfortable with this, or whose networks are not secure (for instance, from their bosses or grandmothers) should refer to the aforementioned 「BACK」 button on your browser toolbar.
In order to fully appreciate this journal, one will be expected to overlook random outbursts of educated 日本語, some spelling errors (although one may feel free to correct them via commentary), lots of sa;jf;gsdhypiery keyboard bashing and CAPSLOCK, and a lot of foul language.
the_lady_lamb shares in a very healthy love of friends and commentary; since the internet is a public forum, all of the fiction posted therein (most especially found here) is subject to flames, praise, or anything in between - everything therein is welcomed. You may also feel free to request fics when the opportunity arises. Don't be shy! Lamb loves meeting new people. :3

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